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Educational project for CCC [Computers as Craft and Communication]

Ulrika Jonsson, Lena - projektledning och utbildning
Nano Torres, SWHO

Ehteshamuddin Mohammad
Amrita Baid
English teachers

Kabita Halder
Rinku Paul
Barnali Dutta
Sabita Mistay
Purnima Kundu
Putul Saha
Kalpana Shaw
Subhadra Naiya

The students at CCC are girls at the age of 14-23. They have been in computer class for one year. Nano and Miso have been their teachers. I, Ulrika [Lena] was invited to participate in some way she found relevant for the CCC.

I came up with the idea to make a five week action research in Kolkata, where the engine running and the educational goal will be a cooporation project for the class and some parties around the school. The project holds the idea that if the students make a website that answers the question What is Internet, we got something educational going, that the students and the website in itself can pass on to many people outside the classroom.

Me and Nano then worked out the content together, and Nano would take the role of the dynamo in the classroom, while I help him and the students through. But the basic goal with it, is to make the students aware of their own capabilities and to let people around them know what they are able to achieve.
Together create a website that expains to a new user what Internet is.
Purpouse for the students
• Reflection for the students upon what Internet is.
• Portfolio project for CCC
• Apply project methods for new media in the education
• Repetition for production skills+new production knowledge
• For the pupils to reflect upon pedagogical matters, like how to think when you make a webpage, how to present a solution etc.
• Organization and teambuilding. Recognize each others skills and knowledge as well as find forms for working together on projects when no teacher is around.

Purpouse for me and Nano
• Action research for Lena to do some heavy thinking based upon, ok?
• Invite people to, among others, the local organization CSP, to CCC, to present another context than "we have a problem".
• Have a basic theme that pulles all bad teaching togheter to a better whole, whenever we are losing contact with the elements of cosmos, in June in Calcutta.
• Project teamwork
• Reflective diary. The studens take 15 min. each morning to write down and reflect upon the day befores work. Purpouse: Get writing, reflection, reporting and ftp going.
• Workshops. Formal working-meetings and educational-meetings planned by us.
• Our roles as teachers : mentoring class, working groups and students. Framework-design, not by the production in itself, but by the project as a whole.
Content, day by day

Week #1 - Preparation

Project start week
Research and inspirational week
• Introductions
• Research

Monday 3.6.02:13.00-15.00
The students introduced themselves as students to me in this way:
The students were divided inte pairs to interview each other on questions about
• Interests
• What they want to learn
• Something they are good at
Then the students introduced each other, while I wrote down key words, like Photoshop, history, animation, photography on notes.
The key words were put up on the wall, to illustrate the field of interest and focus for the next five weeks.

Tuesday 4.6.02:13.00-17.00
Introduction of the diary, the daily morning reflections
• What did you do yesterday in class? [description]
• What do you think about it and what did you learn from it? [reflection]

• For the students, not for Nano or Ulrika och Miso
• No one will criticize the students language
• Diary will be published on the Internet, so that the students can read each others.
Presentation of the project
The goal and the purpouses of What is Internet website were introduced.

Basic management tools for the project

Preparation1/3 - Production1/3 - Presentation1/3

Location of the
• Resources
• What do we need?
• What do we have?

The students came up with:
we need
• People. We have got each other for production, and production tutoring. We need English tutoring.
• Pictures. We can produce pictures with the hardware and software we have got.
• Computers. Computer software. We have software for HTML, pictures and animation.
Computer hardware and Internetconnection. Fix some of the computers and get new Internetconnnection.
• Information. We lack information and need a plan for how to work it through.

The students divided themselves into groups, taking care of everything but Information, the biggest issue.
• to fix computers
• get the room ready for all the work
• get money from the bank
• get new Internet-connection
and worked for themselves until 16, when we together could start to talk about how to get the Information.

Information and research 16.00
How do we get content?
What kind of information do we need to be able to produce the content?
Method: A targetgroup analyzis. The students got an assignment, to interview people who knows nothing about Internet, and ask them the question What do you want to know about the Internet.

Wednesday 5.6.02:13.00-17.00
The students got one hour free time, before class, to do their interviews [What do you want to know about the Internet]
New to project: Kalpana and Subhadra introduced by interest, want to learn and good at, and their words were put up on the wall.
Information and research
The class assembled the questions, collected through their interviews. We sorted the questions into three groups:
• Technical questions, fx. How can Internet operate or function? How far can I send a message?
• How to-questions , fx. How do I get the Internet, How do I send an e-mail
• Common questions, fx. What is the beneficial of Internet in everyday life? What advatagets can I get from the Internet?

We asked the students the quesitons:
• How do we answer these questions?
Research, reading, asking more questions.
• How do we organize the work for answering those questions?
The students decided to work together, as one group, while doing the research. They will use English for their writing. Nandini will tutor their language. Nano and me will tutor their content.
Me and Nano talked to Amrita Baid to be tutoring the students English writing in the project on Wednesday.

16.00. Students got to work.

Thursday 6.6.02:13.00-17.00
Information and research
13.00 Dairy

Let the group work in peace with the research.
16.00 Evaluate the process.
The students divided the questions between them.

Friday 7.6.02:13.00

Information and research

Saturday 8.6.02:13.00
Information and research

Week #2 - Preparation
Project and production design week
• planning
• organization

Every group make a
• Plan for work, how are we going to do this
• Invent resources, do we have everything we need, who do what
• Time schedule, when do we do what, in what order, how much time do different parts take, set deadlines.

Milestones, presentations on Saturday at 15. Everything presented has to be ready and implemented in the other groups already.
Content masters
When divided the information in parts. Present titles, subtitles.
Graphics designers
When decided upon graphical profile for the production. Present screenshots, sketches.
When structure is ready. Present navigation- and sitemap.

Who are we going to invite to the release of the website?

Monday 10.6.02:13.30-15.00
Organization, creating production teams.

The students divided themselves into work groups.
• Graphic designers [Kabita, Barnali, Sabita]
• Programmers [Subhadra, Putul, Rinku]
• Content masters [Purnima, Kalpana, Mina]

Content masters will be tutored by the English teachers.

First production team meeting.

Tuesday 11.6.02:13.00-17.00
Workshop: What can we use for teaching on the Internet?

Wednesday 12.6.02:13.00-17.00
Amrita Baid.Tutoring in English writing. Content-group.

Tutoring meeting with each production team by me and Nano.

Thursday 13.6.02:13.00-17.00
Student planning: to-do>time

Friday 12.6.02:13.00-17.00
Student planning: to-do>time

Saturday 14.6.02:13.00-17.00
15.00 Presentations, milestones

Week #3 - Production
Production week 1

The students have made a day-by-day plan for production. The plan contains, besides production, a Flash-course for the whole class, ICQ course for the content group and animation course for the graphic group.

Everyday starts with 10 min. of classmeeting followed by 15 min. of diary.

Monday 17.6.02 13.00-15.00

Tuesday 18.6.02 13.00-17.00

Wednesday 19.6.02 13.00-17.00

Flash course  by Nano

Thursday 20.6.02

Friday 21.6.02


Week #4 - Production
Production week 2


Week #5 - Presentation

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